The Macaroni Has Spoken

Well, we have a little bit more direction once we get the green light to go overseas. The guidance has come in the form of what I like to call the "Prophetic Macaroni." Please allow me to explain.

Julie and I were enjoying dinner, talking about this and that. She happened to mention that we have some friends that know where they want to serve the Lord overseas, but are not going for over a year. I laughed because we are three weeks away from our interviews in Virginia and we have no strong leading as to where Jesus wants us to take His name and His gospel.

So, on a silly whim, I took some initiative. I decided to throw a macaroni against the gigantic world map in Barn 214 (Shh! Don't tell the owners...J/K). We decided that wherever the macaroni landed, that is where we were supposed to go.

So, I pulled a good, gooey macaroni from the left-overs and heaved it towards the map from about 10 ft. away. "Splat!" It stuck right smack dab in the middle of a certain South Asian country. To be more specific, it is actually a country that we have been thinking quite a bit about lately.

"Prophetic Macaroni." Maybe... :-)


Choo, Choo!


Prince Caspian

Check out the trailer for the new Narnia movie Prince Caspian. I am so excited!




Benjamin Being Adorable

Thank God for Dirty Dishes

I came across this little poem and loved it so much I had to share! Doing dishes is not my most favorite thing to do. I know they need to get done so I do them (sometimes I even do them with a joyous heart!) but a lot of times I do them just becasue someone has to. Having read this, I really want to make it pretty and hang it over the sink as a reminder of what a blessing dirty disher are. Let me know what y'all think!

Thank God for dirty dishes.
They have a tale to tell.
While other folks go hungry,
We're eating very well.
With health and home and happiness
We shouldn't want to fuss.
For by the stack of evidence
God's very good to us.




nomadism [(noh-mad-iz-uhm)]

A way of life in which a community has no permanent settlement but moves from place to place, usually seasonally and within a defined territory. For hunting and gathering societies, nomadism does not imply aimless wandering, but suggests an organized rotation of settlements to ensure maximum use of available natural resources.


If I were to chose a word that describes the season that our family is in right now, nomadism would be it. It is like being on a permanent vacation... without the vacation. We pretty much live out of our car and travel every weekend. The transition has been difficult and tiring, but right now it is just the way things are. There are definately moments when I am ready to just quit (what I don't know, that is just the feeling I get!), hole up somewhere and through a pity party. But then God's beautiful, still-small voice whispers into my heart and I am reminded of some pretty amazing things.

First of all, what I am feeling He has experienced in a much larger scale. While I long for a physical home to settle into, Jesus left His heavenly home to come to earth because of His love for us. What I am feeling can't even compare to how His heart must have longed to return home. I am comforted by the fact that He knows the longings of my heart on a deeply personal level. I am also reminded that I should long for home- just not an earthly one. My longing for a home is perfectly natural because I was created for a heavenly home. I am a stranger on this earth (2 Peter 2:11), so it is only right that I long for my true home with God in heaven.

Second of all, He has given me far more than I need. We have a beautiful place to live during the week, ample places to go during the weekend, and abundant food, clothing and shelter. During this season we have never known what it means to want for physical needs. I am humbled by His care for our family and shamed by my selfishness in wanting more (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)!

Third, my family is amazing. Keith is such a constant reminder of God's strength to me- where I am weak, he helps me up. I look at Benjamin and can't help but smile. He is such a beautiful miracle and I am so thankful that the Lord gave him to us.

Fourth, our life is an adventure! I am reminded of the desire of our hearts to follow God wherever He may lead us. This is not hardship, it is an adventure! Who knows where we will end up next?

Thanks to all of our faithful blog readers for keeping up with us! We welcome your prayers for our family.

nomadism. (n.d.). The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. Retrieved March 10, 2008, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/nomadism


Playing the Piano

Benjamin has discovered that he has a musical talent for banging on the piano. We are very proud. We have a video, however, it is sideways- I put it up nonetheless. Enjoy the musical stylings of Benjamin Luke Ferguson. :o)



Our Old Stomping Grounds

Last Weekend we took a trip into College Station to see friends and just remember some fun memories. Definately different, since this time we were married with a Benjamin! We got to walk around at Wolf Pen Creek (a favorite place of ours to go walking), eat lunch at Fritella's (a very quick lunch as Benjamin was ready for a nap) and stroll around A&M Campus. It really was a great weekend! Also, a thanks to Aaron and Amanda for letting us crash at y'alls place. We had a lot of fun.

We only remebered to take pictures at Wolf Pen Creek, so sorry there are so few. Enjoy!