Where it all began...

Well, our days in Barn 214 are numbered! Tonight is our last night here, as summer camps are beginning. How fitting that we are right back to where we began! That's right friends, we are spending our last night in Asia, just where we began that very first day at Camp Tejas.

So many fond memories were made here, and we will cherish every one, but we are excited for the beginning of new adventures to come! From Europe to Africa, Australia, South and North America, we say good bye to our home at Barn 214.

Charlie Bit Me

So funny I had to share. Enjoy!


A Staircase, Poison Control and a Baby Kitten

You may be wondering how all of those things could possibly fit together. Well I will tell you. It was just your typical weekend for the Fergusons!

First, the staircase: Benjamin has learned to climb stairs! A momentous milestone and yet strangely I feel rather aprehensive...

Second, Poison Control: You always hear as a new mother, the importance of having Poison Control on speed dial, written down by the phone, tatooed on your hand, etc. On Monday I learned why! Benjamin had navigated his way into my purse, found my hand sanitizing gel and promptly begin to chew on the top. In this process he got the top undone. Enter mom. I could tell he hadn't gotten much, if any, into his mouth, though I could still smell it on his lips/mouth. Now here comes the dilema. I do not have Poison Control on speed dial (they really should put the number directly on labels next to 'If child swallows product contact Poison Control' but that is a different story). My doctors office is closed as it is Memorial Day. SO I call the hospital, who gives me the number. Oh, before all of this, did I mention driving around in circles at Camp Tejas searching for phone signal? Yeah. Anyways, I got in touch with Poison Control, learned why Hand sanitizing gel is dangerous, what to do, etc. Benjamin was fine, I don't think he swallowed any gel, but I sure learned a lot from the experience!

Third, a baby kitten: On the way home from lunch on Sunday, we saw what appeared to be a piece of trash in the road. Upon further inspection we realized that, in fact, it was a tiny kitten. Keith's mom and I pleaded to turn around, terrified that the poor thing would be hit by a car. As we turned around, we saw another car had stopped to try to get the kitten of the road, but only managed to frighten it off the road into a rather large bush. Keith's mom and I worked together and managed to get her out of the bush and safely home. She couldn't have been more than a few weeks old and she was precious!

Well that about does it. We will post a video of Benjamin climbing the stairs soon. Until then, have a great day!


Trip to Robinson



Catfish Parlour

This past weekend we went to Austin for the day to celebrate May/April birthdays. We ate at the Catfish Parlour, where I fell in love with their hush puppies- they were so delicious! Benjamin was sick with a summer cold- high fever, runny nose and a grumpy baby- so he was not feeling his best. A few pictures from the trip:


Trip to Colorado Springs

This past week, for my birthday, Keith flew me and Benjamin out to Colorado Springs for a few days. Here are a few pictures!

It was wonderful to see everyone and thank you for making this trip so wonderful!! Because the trip was so brief I wasn't able to see nearly everyone that I wanted to, but I had such a special and blessed time.