Jonathan Edward Ferguson

We just wanted to thank everyone for the words of love and encouragement we have received the past few days. I wanted to share some words from a dear sister that made my heart smile with the knowledge that God's love is bigger than we can comprehend.

A life not yet lived is a beautiful life,
A life that was formed by God;
A tiny part of God's design,
A part of His perfect plan.

A life not yet lived is so full of hope,
And dreams for this world of ours.
But God in great wisdom had other plans
For this tiny life of His.

God loves this child with a greater love
Than we can comprehend.
He's holding him now in His tender arms
And shedding His loving tears.

He weeps for our grief; He weeps for our loss
Of this tiny life He now holds.
But He knows in His infinite wisdom and love
Why this child is back in His fold.

God help us hold on, and God help us know
Someday as the years go by;
Why you wanted this tiny life so soon,
Why He's back in your arms and not ours...




Stop It!!

Funny! Enjoy!


Best Wife in the World

No offense to all the other wives out there, but there is simply no comparison!

Julie, I love you...

[... and I posted this during language class, while you were being a good student and paying attention.]


Where's Benjamin?

There he is!!!


A Day at the Doctors

Well the Ferguson tribe spent a good chunk of the day at medical appointments today. We all had to get blood drawn (mine to check for gestational diabetes and the boys were finding out there blood type) and then I had a routine OB appointment. Poor Benjamin had to be poked in both arms and his little arms looked so sad! But he did have cool Garfield band-aids. I survived the not so yummy glucose drink and was really ready for breakfast after they drew my blood (for those who don't know, you have to fast before the glucose test, drink a really sweet koolaid type drink that has a funny aftertaste and then wait an hour for them to draw your blood).

So I got to the lab, drank the fun drink, waited, got blood drawn and waited some more. But we all finally made it to see the doctor and hear baby #2's heart beat. We are scheduled for one more doctors visit complete with ultrasound. I am not sure if we will be able to tell the sex of the baby at that point as I will only be 16 weeks, but we shall see! Here is a video of the baby's heartbeat (along with Benjamin fussing- he really needed a nap by this point!):