My Buddy and Me


Fall is Here!

Benjamin had so much fun playing with the fall foliage as it came down this year! See the happy grin?


Chicks Dig Frog Hats

The Kitten

As promised, here is the kitty! Keith fashioned a bed out of towels for her so that she would have a warm spot in this chilly weather but, in typical cat fashion, you see her sitting next to it. :o)

We have yet to capture a picture with Benjamin and the kitty together, but hope to soon. Stay tuned!

Please ask that Dad would help us to remember those is need during this cold time. Last winter was especially hard in our country and many people are still trying to get back on their feet from last winter. Ask for opportunities to show the love of the Son here in this dry and weary land.

Wedding Bells in October

A little late in coming, but here is an update about our anniversary last month! Keith and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on October 28 here in Central Asia. Keith surprised me by arranging child care and taking me to a place called Cafe H*. It is run by foreigners, for foreigners, so it is a place where we could unwind and relax. We had a full dinner plus coffee and dessert for both of us- what a treat! Another moment to brag on Keith: He was able to smuggle in a candle and beautiful card as a gift. Do I have the best husband in the world, or what? He is so thoughtful!

Here are some pictures from the evening:

And here's one of the lovely couple (notice the Dr. Pepper- is that cool or what!)

Here are some pics from window of the Cafe. It is on the 8th floor of the tallest building in the city.

Thank you Father for giving Keith and I two wonderful years together. Pleask ask Father that He would protect our marriage from the enemy and that Keith and I would grow deeper in our relationship with Father. Ask Phil. 2:3-5 over us. Ask that as we adjust to the many differences and challenges here that our relationship with eachother would be a safe place. Thanks for remembering us to Dad!

Fruit and Veggies

We just bought 6 pomegranates, 20 apples, 15 bananas, carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes for a little under $5. Wow!


Benjamin Bunny

The sun is setting here in Central Asia, a soft breeze lifts kites high in the sky and Benjamin plays with his bunny friends...

While he is fascinated with the bunnies, he prefers his kitty friend which will be in another post!

Please ask for Benjamin as he grows up in a foreign land; that Father would protect him from the enemy and that he will grow up as a light in a dark land!


Inside the Compound

As promised, here are the pics of our yard and the area around the compound. We hope you enjoy! These first pics are from the yard out front. This is the area where Benjamin's kitten friend usually roams.

Benjamin is definitely a fan of the yard...and the hose.

When we first got here, we were pleasantly surprised to see how much green there was!

These pics are from the side yard around the corner.

This section of yard originally came complete with two bunnies and a large cage full of birds. The birds are now gone, but the bunnies are still around, though they have been moved to a different spot than pictured.

Not Pictured: The compound also has a long driveway, with a small building for our "guards" and a garden off to the side. At the end of the driveway is a large gate that leads to our street, which has a name that, in English, translates to "Prison Street."


Home, Sweet Home

To our readers, we send you our sincerest gratitude. It's been a little bit of a wait, especially for pictures. But, hopefully, this post will be a nice update for you.

Thankfully, the website started behaving, so we can now post the pics from our new home! We've made some changes since we took these pictures, but nothing too significant. We hope you enjoy them!

This first pics are looking on the front of the house, with the edge of the front yard in the foreground. It is a very beautiful compound, with two yards, a garden, lots of green areas and flowers. The yards also came complete with birds, bunnies, and cats. We will try and get a post up soon with those pics.

And, the lovely Julie with Benjamin. How blessed am I!

This is our entry way. The colorful carpet was originally going to be in Benjamin's room, but he doesn't have one. So, we improvised! This is also the room where Benjamin and his kitten friend look longingly at one another through the screen door.

And, of course, Benjamin immediately began devising and testing out his potential escape routes.

This is the nice, big kitchen that Julie had been waiting for. Needless to say, she made it her own very quickly. And what a great job she did!

The window sill areas in the kitchen are great. They have ledges you can sit on, and they face the yard, so you can enjoy the beautiful views!

On to the cozy bathroom/laundry room/utility room. Everything is tile, so it is flood-proof up to about 4-5 ft tall. Julie has confessed the bathtub as the "most amazing bathtub ever." It is has a very comfortable recline in the back and is contoured to fit the shoulder & neck area.

And, best of all, there is no "squatty potty" -- only a western-style toilet. For those who don't know what a "squatty" is, we'll have to post some pics some time.

This is our living room/sitting room/Benjamin's playroom. The big pillows are toshaks. They are great for taking naps and for cozying up to read or watch a movie. And, Benjamin thinks they are great for running and falling on.

And, more windows with beautiful views...

And last, but certainly not least, the bedroom. It is dark & cozy...great for sleeping. The entire mattress (no box spring) is about 4 inches thick, but is one of the more comfortable beds we've ever slept on!

For those who noticed the pack-n-play...yes, we are sharing a bedroom with Benjamin again. Feel free to pr for us! :-)

We are very blessed to have this home for a time. There is a chance we will only be in this house for 6 months, so we're looking forward to making some memories while we can.
Please pr for us regarding this place, not the building, but the home. Ask that it would be a home of love, peace, and truth. Ask that all those who enter it would find themselves in a place where the Father is present. Ask for its protection -- ask Psalm 127 over it.
Blessings to you all. Thank you very much for reading. We'll be back soon...

Parenting 101 - Desperate Times...

...call for desperate measures.

This is how you keep a toddler happy at 5 AM in the morning before a plane flight. Any questions?

PS -- It doesn't last for very long, so you might want to have a Plan B...and maybe a Plan C & D as well.