I wonder....

... what exactly do seventeen month-olds think about anyway? Any guesses?

Well, whatever it is, Benjamin sure does look cute thinking about it!



Merry Christmas!

Well, we certainly had a wonderful celebration of the birth of the Savior this year in Central Asia! The festivities started out Christmas Eve. We went out to eat at Cafe H* (the only western style restaurant in town) and enjoyed pizza, Dr. Pepper and coffee before several families of "like-minded" ex-pats came to sing Christmas carols. The children sang some songs for us as well and read their version of the Christmas story. They were adorable dressed as angels and wise men. Here is a picture of me and Benjamin enjoying some pizza (before Benjamin got really messy!).

After that, we came home and watched White Christmas (a tradition of mine growing up) and put together our "stockings" which in reality were assorted baskets; you can't find stockings here. Such fun!

The next morning we got up, read from the Book an account from John who said that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us bringing light to all men. We sang praises and then opened our "stockings". Benjamin really enjoyed "helping" us with our stockings!

After stockings, we headed to the kitchen and enjoyed a yummy breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy (and by sausage, I mean a homemade beef version- which didn't turn out too bad!). Then, back to the living room for presents!


Attempts at Being Candid

What started as an attempt for some candid photos of Benjamin playing turned into Benjamin posing for a photo shoot. Here is the progression:

Playing with his toys, unaware of dad with the camera

Dropped the toys as he notices the camera


Goofball face...

Well, that is our son in a nutshell. He just loves the camera!


Sick Days

Better make that weeks! Between Keith, Benjamin and I we were sick a total of 2 weeks. First Keith, then Benjamin and finally me. We all have a lingering cough, but other than that we are mending just fine. It certainly is tiring taking care of sick ones and I was ready to see daylight for sure! Anyways, that explains the delay in blog posts this past week. I have several pictures to post when the internet starts behaving.


I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

Alright, so maybe "dreaming" isn't entirely acurate, but what else can you say when it snows so close to Christmas? What a wonderful surprise to open our door this morning and find this:

More pictures of Benjamin in the snow to come!



Oh what fun to receive packages in the mail! My mommy and daddy say they are for Christmas so we have to wait to open them until then. They said we will open one of them now and the rest later. Until then, I love to play on the boxes! See how happy I am? I wonder what could be inside! Thanks Mimie and Doc, Nana and Papa Bear, Grandmommie and Papa, Omah and Grandpa, Uncle CJ and Uncle JoJo, Aunt Amy and Colton! Y'all are the best! Here are some pictures my daddy took so y'all can see how much I appreciate y'all. Thanks so much!

Love you bunches,


God of this City

You're the God of this city
You're the King of these people
You're the Lord of this nation
You are
You're the light in this darkness
Your the hope to the hopeless
Your the peace to the restless
You are

For their is no one like our God
Their is no one like our God!
Greater things have yet to come
Greater things are still to be done
in this city!
You're the Lord of creation
The Creator of all things
You're the King above all things
You are

You're the strength in our weakness
You're the love to the broken
You're the joy in our sadness
You are

Greater things are yet to come
Greater things are still to be done in this city!
Greater things are yet to come
Greater things are still to be done here!


So Cool in My Shades



I love this picture and knowing how safe Benjamin feels in the arms of his daddy. Please ask that as the security situation is stressful that we will always remember that we are safe in the arms of our Heavenly Daddy. Also ask for this young generation of Central Asian children. So many of them do not have good relationships with their fathers. The people of this nation in general do not have good relationships with their fathers. Please ask that this would cause them to seek their Heavenly Father who never leaves them or forsakes them.


Mysterious Food

Well, coming to a new land we were bound to run into food that had questionable origin. A few nights ago we broke out of the box and had our guard go bring us a local street vendor item pronounced "SAndAwich". We are not entirely sure what it was- but we have had it again since then! It is quite delicious! Since words can't quite describe, here are a few pictures. Praise Dad we haven't gotten sick (yet)!

Please ask that the relationships with our guards would continue and that we would be a blessing to them! Ask for their hearts, that they would yearn for truth.

Thanksgiving Central Asia Style

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We were able to have turkey complete with all the trimmings. We ate "Central Asian" style on the floor we had a wonderful time of fellowship.

After dinner we were able to sing some songs and listen to the story of Squanto (which is actually quite amazing if you have never heard it!). After some yummy desserts we played a doubles ping pong tournament which reminded me of Thanksgivings back home. Keith and his partner made it to the final game but lost by a close margin. Way to go hubby!

Happy belated Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Please continue to ask that we would live a life of thanksgiving and be a light in this place.



Oh, Christmas Tree....

Well, here we are, in Central Asia and Dad provided a Christmas tree! I didn't think we would get one; but Keith, wonderful husband that he is, arranged for us to get one. It is actually planted in a pot so that after December we can plant it in our yard. It is such a beautiful tree and we had fun decorating it. I do have a confession though- I completely forgot how to make paper snowflakes! My first attempts were so sad, I finally had Keith google how to do it. We really did have fun making snowflakes together and, even if I do say so myself, they didn't turn out half bad (minus my initial attempts :o) )!

Please ask that this holiday season we would focus on Him and why we celebrate. Ask that as people see our tree they would ask why we celebrate and the meaning of the snowflakes. Ask that this country would have an anticipation for the Savior during this Advent season and ask questions. Ask that the Son would be glorified!


Waiting for Daddy

My daddy has language in the afternoons, so me and my mommy play together. One of my favorite things is to be outside! There are so many things to explore and climb and see. Plus, my friend the kitty is there. I love playing outside and waiting for my daddy to come home!