Blanket Love

After a long day of play, this is where I find Benjamin- snuggling with his blanket! It has been with him since the beginning and he is becoming quite attached to it. Perhaps we should look into buying a back-up just in case?



Well, we have been back home in Central Asia for a little over a week now and, while we enjoyed our time in Dubai, are glad to be home! Keith and I are back at language school and Benjamin is back to being a toddler (not that he ever stopped). We are having two families coming over this week, one on Saturday and one on Monday. Please ask for the preparations to run smoothly and most importantly that Dad would use this time to build relationships. Ask for opportunities to share truth and love on these two beautiful families. Thanks for being a major part of the work Dad is doing here! We love all of you!


Blades of Steel

Another first for Benjamin.... ice skating! At first he wasn't to thrilled and preferred to stand on the sidelines with mom and watch daddy skate by. But by the end he was having fun skating with daddy! Way to go Benjamin!


Wafi City Center

Another fun day in Dubai! We went to the Wafi City Center, a really neat mall with an Egyptian theme. We went to lunch at Planet Hollywood and the service was wonderful. They gave Benjamin toys to play with, crayons, balloons, even a birthday hat! He had a great time and we got a family picture with the motorcycle from one of the Terminator movies. After that we walked around the mall and enjoyed the atmosphere. They had a neat play area for kids with a balloon pit and fun cars to "drive". Enjoy a sampling of the pictures from the day!


...a really crazy eel that gives scary faces? Right here! We went to the Sharjah Aquarium and had a lot of fun. Benjamin just loves watching the fish! Keith was taking pictures of this eel and, as you can tell from the picture, it wasn't too fond of Keith.


Global Village

We spent one of our evenings in Dubai at "Global Village," a really neat amusement park type place with different themed areas for different countries in the world.

Benjamin was really excited to be there!

But by the end of the evening Benjamin was using dad's head as a pillow...

We had such a great time just walking around and spending time as a family. We ate at a yummy Egyptian restaurant though we had no idea what it was when we ordered it- they didn't have a menu! The shops were fun and I found some beautiful material to make some outfits. What a fun evening!


Beach Day

A few days ago we went with our team to the beach for the day! It was a beautiful beach resort with several pools, tennis courts, kids play areas and beach access. They even had a Baskin Robbins! I had a lot of fun just soaking in the sun and reading.

Keith had fun swimming in the ocean and Benjamin loved playing in the sand.

What a wonderful day!


While we have been here in Dubai we have had several firsts. Just to mention a few, Benjamin had his very first Happy Meal from McDonald's! He has had had fast food and he has had McDonald's but this was the first time to have a Happy Meal. He seemed to enjoy it!

Benjamin also had his first trip to the beach! He loved to watch the waves and watch daddy play in the waves (it was too cold for mommy!) but he wasn't to excited about being in the water himself. He did love playing in the sand though! More pictures of the beach trip in a different post, but here is one picture of us as a family on the beach.

Also, we had our first trip to the UAE Emergency Room! After our day at the beach, Keith came home and lay down and as we were about to head out to a dinner at Chili's Keith said his stomach was hurting. Not thinking to much of it, Benjamin and I went out with the group to eat. When we came home, Keith was not in good shape. He was so dehydrated from "being sick" he was shaking. By the time we got to the hospital his fingers were numb and his joints were locking up. Praise Dad that we were so close to the hospital (about 8 minutes)! Keith was able to get an IV with some fluids and was feeling better by the time we left, just really weak. I should also mention that while we were at the hospital I started "getting sick" as well and was hugging the toilet all night. Not so fun, but definately a first! I had never "been sick" at a hospital before!

Praise Dad for all the firsts and many more to come!

Up, Down, All Around

There are so many fun places for Benjamin to play here in the UAE! Here are a few pictures of Benjamin playing on a playground near our house.

He especially loved the "wobbly" bridge- he would run back and forth, back and forth. Please ask for this time here as we vacation, that Benjamin would have fun just being a kid! Also, please ask for us as parents, once we return to "Central Asia," that we would find fun ways for Benjamin to play and be a kid when security makes it difficult to leave the house.


One Fish, Two Fish...

Today, after we decided to postpone our trip to the zoo due to conflicting information on the days in which it was open, we ended up at Dubai Mall. What an amazing place! With over 1,200+ stores, ice skating rink, aquarium and other entertainment we barely made it through 1/3 of the mall! We got there and walked around a little bit before stopping for lunch at the food court. Our lunch consisted of items from Subway, New York Fries, and Taco Bell (can you tell how much we have missed familiar food?). We ate outside next to a beautiful water wall.

Our main reason in going to Dubai Mall was to see the aquarium so that Benjamin could see the fish and he had so much fun. They had a tunnel underneath a huge aquarium that you could walk through.

After we walked through the tunnel we went to the Discovery Center with several different exhibits of marine wildlife.

We all had so much fun at the aquarium! Afterwards I had some coffee at Caribou Coffee and we walked around browsing the shops. Before too long, we discovered our son had completely passed out! What a cutie!

Praise Dad for such a relaxing few days of vacation here in Dubai! Please ask that the rest of our teammates can make their flights into Dubai as winter conditions in our country are difficult. Please ask for this time of retreat, that we would be renewed in our relationships with Dad and a uniting of focus and love among our teammates.


Day in Dubai

Well, we have enjoyed two full days in Dubai so far for vacation and it has been wonderfully refreshing! Yesterday we went to a mall nearby to buy a few things at a store similar to Walmart and enjoyed some Starbucks. Today, we took Benjamin to the pediatrician for his well-visit and he sure is growing! He is 23 lbs 5 oz and just shy of 30 inches long. After that we went to the Mega Mall and ate lunch at Chili's which was certainly a treat.
We came home and Benjamin and I took a nap while Keith worked on the computer. Then we went outside to play!

More of our adventures in Dubai to come!