Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

The time has come. They have crossed into our home one to many times and I have declared war. I don't care how it may seem, I have watched "A Bug's Life" and "Ant Bully", the ants have got to go.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate ants. I think they are amazing creatures and just love Dad's creativity. But I really don't want them in my house. The feeling is mutual as I am sure they wouldn't want me in their house. Problem comes when we seem to be sharing a house...

I'll set the scene for you. We have a mud house, which means lots of cracks and holes are available to these devious little creatures, who likely live in our outside walls. We also have a toddler who drops crumbs and spills juice like he is calling the ants to him. They seem to know I don't like them, as I always warn them before I kill them, "You come in my house, you die. Go tell your friends," because they only seem to come out at night when the lights are off. We come into the kitchen in the morning and voila, ants have taken over. The lights come on. Ants scatter in panic. Some hide, but they can't hide for long. The smart ones take to the floor where they can blend in with the crumbs. After several days of feeling like I can't beat these things I am putting my foot down. This is my space. I will not tolerate them in my kitchen!

So I have developed a plan. It is fourfold:
  1. Confine Benjamin to his booster chair at all times when he is eating
  2. Douse my kitchen in bleach and clean up Benjamin's (OK all of our) messes as they happen (this one will take skill, as Benjamin is good at making messes without me knowing about them)
  3. Buy ant killer
  4. Put all food away and clean all dishes before going to bed. NO EXCEPTIONS!
A note to the ants: While there may be millions of you and only one of me, I am bigger. I am pregnant and hormonal and I have made this my battle. You come into my house you will die. We are not "roommates." STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Source: Dylan O'donnell (https://academics.skidmore.edu/wikis/NorthWoods/index.php?title=Ants&printable=yes)


Remember Mark

Dad has answered a recent request from our family and team -- one that we sent out in our newsletter. We asked about an opportunity to give out a Book to someone here. The opportunity came!

The man's name is Mark. He is one of our language teachers at our school. His interest in receiving a Book was twice confirmed. [Note: Confirming a genuine desire is important here, as there are people that as simply asking in order to turn you in to local authorities.]

So, we had him over, drank some tea, and gave him the Book. I [Keith] told him that if he ever had any questions, to let me know. I then gave him a few suggestions on where to start and a very brief overview of what the Book talked about.
He said he was especially interested in reading about the birth and death of [the Son].

There is an interesting proverb here. It says: "A seeker is a finder." I reminded him of that and told him that it was in our Book as well. It is especially true regarding the Father. Then, we wrapped the Book in a couple of plastic bags, and said our goodbyes.

Ask for Mark:

  1. That Mark would be compelled to read the Book frequently.
  2. That Mark would understand what he reads.
  3. That he would have questions that lead to the discovery of truth.
  4. For His protection, physically and sp. Having a Book in this place is like having dynamite. He could (and may likely) encounter a lot of problems if anyone finds out that he has it. And, if Dad intends to do something with Mark, know that the enemy has intention to destroy that work.


Type A

While Benjamin was playing in his toy basket, he pulled out these blocks and made this:

He is growing up so fast! I was amused that they were all in a line. He does this with his cars as well, but I haven't been able to capture it on film. As the saying goes, "Like father, like son!"

Please ask for us as we continue to teach Benjamin about the world and God who made it that He would give us wisdom. That we would see the ways that He has made Benjamin to be unique and encourage him to use those to honor the One who gave him life. Ask that we would be patient and loving as Benjamin tests boundaries. Thanks!


Dad's Gift

Keith and I have been given a gift from Dad: we are pregnant! We are very excited and wanted to share with all of y'all a few pictures from the night we found out.

I am about 5 weeks 5 days with an estimated arrival date of October 11, 2009. We know that it is early for most people to be sharing the news, but we would very much appreciate y'alls pr's to Dad. Since losing Jonathan there are still fears and anxious thoughts, but we know that the life of our child is in the hands of our loving Father. Please join us in asking for a healthy baby and a healthy mom. We were thrilled to find out that there is a mid-wife in our city who works with foreign women (that would be me!) and that we will be able to get ultrasounds and other necessary bloodwork that we may need. Dad is so faithful, as I was unsure if I would have any prenatal care until we went back to Dubai in August. He has provided more than I ever thought! We will update more as we are able. We love all of you, thanks for reading!


Bath Time

One of Benjamins favorite things to do is play in the bath- he loves it!

"Please mom, no pictures!"

Crazy hair- "but mom, it's the style!"

Half-way combed hair- such a handsome little man

"I told you no pictures, mom!"

Wrapped up in his towel- "Bring on the PJ's!"