And the Wall Came Down...

Since moving here I have talked to Dad a lot about how to break down the SP walls that kept me from meeting and getting to know the women here in the city. Little did I know, that the Friday before Easter, He would literally break down walls!

This was the back wall of our compound and on the other side is a family with at least three women and a few kiddos that I hadn't been able to meet yet. But yesterday, because the wall was gone, the kids started playing and the women next door asked Jerry and I over for tea. Praise Dad! This was the opportunity we had been asking for! I had began to believe that meeting and sharing Truth with women in our country was impossible and had began to wonder if my role here was one simply of interceding on behalf of the people, but yesterday I began to see that Dad's ways and timing are very different from mine. At all times I must humbly submit to what He wants for me, not what I want for me in this place.

Please ask for these three women and the two young daughters that we met yesterday. We invited them over for tea; please ask that this relationship would continue and that their hearts would soften towards Dad who loves them so dearly. Ask that He would burden them with questions about Himself. Ask that Dad would help us in our language to be able to communicate with them on a SP level. Ask as they rebuild the physical wall between our homes that the SP wall would stay broken. More to come, thanks for talking to Dad for us!

Sleep Eating

Since we have been successful in loading videos lately, we thought we would post these two that are a couple of months old. This is what happens when Benjamin misses his morning nap on Fridays (the day at Fellowship).

Is it bad that we were more concerned about getting a video of this, instead of getting him right to bed?


Turtle Video

As promised, the turtle video! Enjoy!



There is a turtle that lives in our yard that Benjamin thinks is the best thing ever. We have a great video clip of Benjamin with the turtle that I will try and upload in the morning, but until then, here are a few pictures!


Happy 26th Birthday Keith!

On Wednesday we celebrated Keith's birthday. Dad has blessed him with twenty-six years of life and I am so blessed to be a part of it! Benjamin and I got up early to prepare his birthday breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy and to decorate.

When breakfast was ready, Benjamin and I woke Keith up singing, "Happy Birthday!" Benjamin brought his cereal with him.

After we ate breakfast and opened presents (Benjamin got him a bright red soccer ball and we both got him Season 1 of Smallville), Keith went to work and Benjamin and I spent some time here at home. We were all suffering from Spring colds and bad sore throats, but managed alright. We also made Keith's birthday cake. We had planned on going out for pizza for dinner, but since all of us were feeling pretty crummy we decided to stay in and eat leftover spaghetti. Oh well! After dinner we had birthday cake (which ended up being more like brownies, but was really tasty).

Benjamin was more interested in the cake than looking at the camera. :o)

Thank you Dad for giving us Keith!



We were able to make it to the Maternity Hospital in our city for some blood work and an ultrasound today. I was impressed with the care I received. As is custom, before we did anything medical related, we sat down for 30 minutes and chatted while we drank a cup of tea. :o)

Here is the one picture they gave us, though the quality is pretty grainy. It is a shot of the babies head. My uterus is on the right side of the picture (the darker area in the sea of lighter white). The babies head is in the left side of my uterus. The larger dark oval I believe is the brain, the two darker holes are the eyes and the small line below that is the mouth.

They measured me around 16 weeks, though I believe I am still right on track at about 15 weeks (give or take a few days). Praise Dad for a healthy little one!


My Baylor Boys

In a package from home Keith and Benjamin received matching Baylor Bear hats. Photo Op for sure! Enjoy the results!


We had a wonderful day celebrating the life of our risen Lord! We woke up after a long night of strong thunderstorms to a beautiful blue, clear sky. Fresh spring flowers decorated our breakfast table in which we had fresh fruit and French toast casserole. Yummy!

After breakfast we had some time to read Dad's word, sing some songs of praise and lift our hearts to Dad. It was a wonderful time! Afterward, we went out to a U.S. Army base right outside the city. They had invited us to fellowship, have lunch and also some activities for the kids. At fellowship that had a time for the kids where they talked about how an egg is like God. When they got to the yolk the leader asked what color it was. Benjamin piped right up and said, "Yellow!" with enthusiasm. It was precious and made my heart melt. Here is where we ate lunch:

They also had Easter baskets for the kids which was so thoughtful. I know these soldiers miss their families back home, so I am glad that they were able to see kids!

They also had an Easter egg hunt and Benjamin had so much fun! He figured it out pretty quickly and while he was the youngest kiddo there, he did manage to get 5 eggs! Way to go Benjamin!

What a wonderful day! Please ask Dad to watch over the SP seeds planted during this season. We are so thankful for all of you!


Just Call Me Betty Crocker

Ever since I made that first loaf of bread I have been on a baking spree- nothing seems too impossible anymore. So, this morning I made cinnamon rolls from scratch! Never mind that they took 2 1/2 hours, instead of 30 minutes, I set my mind to making cinnamon rolls and found a way to make it happen. Here is a picture of the final product:

Thanks Betty Crocker for your cinnamon roll recipe- they sure were delicious!


Culture Corner

Hopefully I will get better about writing posts like these more regularly! I have been wanting to share little tidbits of culture and our life here a little more specifically, so here goes. Here are some pictures of the milk and juice that we drink. They come in a box! Before coming here I have seen soup in boxes like this, but not juice and milk. It is difficult to pour, but taste wise it is pretty good. Oh, and it's not "juice" it's "nectar." More culture tidbits to come!