One Week Old


Water Play




Remember the little black cat that followed Benjamin around all the time when we first moved here? Well she's a mama! Last night she gave birth to four little kittens, two of which were stillborn. Right now, we have two, tiny, one-day-old kittens in our kitchen and they are really adorable. Well, actually they are a little rat-like, but they will grow into their cuteness. :o)

As you can imagine, this was not exactly what we had in mind. We had fixed a very nice box up outside with a comfy blanket and lots of privacy. But last night we heard her crying outside, so we went to investigate. A big tom cat, who we are pretty sure is the daddy was on the stairs up to our porch and Biki (our cat) was down below cowering. Keith chased off the tom and we found poor Biki had already delivered one of her kittens outside -- the kitten was stillborn. She quickly ran to the box we had set up for her, but with the tom still lurking we didn't feel comfortable leaving her outside, so inside she came. Poor thing was at her wits end, but about an hour later her kittens were here!

Benjamin is of course enamored. I am sure we will have more pictures as time passes, please ask Dad to watch over these little lives, and that we would be faithful caretakers until we move.


Culture Corner #2

In our city, most women wear what is known as a Chadar ne-maz (or prayer scarf) when they are out and about in public. It is a large piece of material that covers the head and goes all the way down to my feet. It is basically like wearing a bed sheet, but pretty. For ease, we put in a piece of elastic so that it stays on our head easier without slipping and sliding around. If I am going to be walking around the Bazaar I will usually wear my Chadar ne-maz. Below is a picture of what they look like.

If I am going someplace a little more western, or to an office or school where things are a little more modern, I will wear a jacket called a "mantu" that comes down to my knees with a head scarf.

When in their homes, most women dress like we would in the states. If there are men around who are not their relatives, they will wear a headscarf, but if it is just women, the scarfs come off! It has been a joy to get to know a few of the women here in the city. Please ask Dad for continued opportunities for me to meet women in our city.

If you have any questions you want answered in the next "Culture Corner" just send an e-mail or post a comment. Thanks for reading!



Photo shoot of Benjamin coloring. Enjoy!


Happy Mother's Day!

A few days late. :o)

Here is the sweet card that Benjamin made (Keith helped a little) and the beautiful roses they picked from our garden. No joke, our country has the most beautiful roses you have ever seen, or smelled! Thank you to my wonderful men for a special Mother's Day!

Benjamin's Garage

While Benjamin was playing, he found all of his cars in his toy basket and lined them up like this:

Fun, huh? :o)