Our "new", new kitten....

So, remember Cheddar and Shadow, the little kitten family? They were having a rat problem at the office, so they asked if we could take them up there to live and hopefully keep the rats away. At first I said no, I was getting attached to the little guys, but today Keith called and told me that they had brought up a different kitten who, well, when you see the pictures you will understand why we took the older kittens up to the office and brought this one home. Say hello to Vincent "Vinny" Ferguson!

He is so tiny! I really think the rats would have eaten him, not vice-versa. Welcome to our family Vinny!


Benjamin's New Pastime

Yesterday Benjamin set a record for the number of things he dropped in the toilet, down the drain, in my coffee cup, in the cats water bowl.... you get the idea! He is absolutely fascinated with dropping his toys, etc. inside things. Cute for like the first second, but at least six times in one day? Cuteness factor has definitely declined. What makes kids do this? I don't know. Taking it a day at a time....



24 Week Belly Bump

Well, according to Baby Center, my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. See it in there?! :o)

Baby is continuing to grow and kick. Please continue to lift us up to Dad. We have had a few scares with this little one, a few days of a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions (more than normal), but everything still looks good. Praise Dad! There are moments of anxious thoughts, as I know if anything did happen while we were here, there is not much, if anything that could be done. Please ask Dad that I would not focus on these thoughts, but instead praise Him as sovereign and worthy of my entire life. Thanks for thinking of us!


Father's Day

Happy Daddy's Day to all you dad's out there! Celebrating is a little different here since Sunday is the middle of the week for us, but we made it work. I made Keith his favorite breakfast (biscuits and sausage gravy) and Benjamin made him a drawing and I helped him to make a very special medal for his daddy. A few pictures from that morning:

After that, I went to language and then Keith went to work. As a fun surprise we received three packages in the mail! For dinner I made fajitas and unfortunately burned my finger on hot oil making tortilla chips, but that pain didn't last too long. Now I have a fun blister to remember the day by!

After putting Benjamin to bed, we made brownies and watched an episode of Smallville. Not a bad Father's Day!


Our New House

Still a work in progress, but here is our new home! We were finally able to move in on Wednesday morning, after being packed and ready to go for a few days. The wonderful family who were living in our house (they have been working here in country for four years) were waiting for their plane for that long too. Praise Dad that they are safely to Dubai taking a much needed time of R & R before heading to the States. We are glad to be settling in, finding the closest n'an shop and learning what is available at the dokan's (shops) near our new home. Please ask Dad for opportunities to meet our neighbors and begin building relationships!

There are a lot of pictures, but we hope you enjoy seeing where we live.

Front Porch
Side patio (and clothesline)
Entry Hall
Main Hallway
Benjamin's Bedroom
Benjamin's Bedroom
View of Dining Room from Living Room
Living Room
Living Room
Dinning Room
Sink outside the bathroom
Other side of bedroom

Our New Pets

For those of you who were sad that we would have to leave our sweet cat family and the turtles back at our old house, be sad no longer! Our new house came complete with it's own cat family. The mom's name is "Molly" and her two kittens we have named "Shadow" and "Cheddar."



Molly and Kids

They are very sweet cats and very tolerant of Benjamin. Praise Dad for giving us our new pets! Now we will just see what comes next...

Benjamin's Bike

Yesterday as a family we headed down to the plastics bazaar to buy Benjamin his very first bicycle! He had a lot of fun picking it out and even more fun trying it out once we got home. Enjoy the pictures (as well as a couple glances at the yard at our new house). I promise we will get pictures up of the new house very soon!

Daddy taping over the very loud electronic "bell" that plays songs.


Pushing it around, still learning how it works


Daddy helping since he can't quite reach the pedals

Are YOU Clever?

I think the word here is "ironic"...

NOTE: For those of those of you having trouble seeing the picture, the sticker on the back reads "clever." It is upside down. :o)


All Ready To Go!

Hat.... check!

Shirt and backpack..... check!

But wait, son, I think your missing something....

Well, at least you have your shoes on.....