Adventures in Potty Training

We recently bought Benjamin a potty chair, and while he hasn't shown too much interest, he has been watching us! We have some reading material on top of the toilet bowl for Keith and I and I guess Benjamin has seen us reading it. He does like to sit on the potty when Keith and I are in there. Anyways, he decided he wanted to sit on his potty, so I took off his pants and diaper. However, he didn't want to stop there! I guess potty training is a naked affair? Enjoy the picks of Benjamin learning to use the potty!

Getting ready for a long sit

This is funny stuff!

No, Benjamin has not actually used the potty yet, but we are keeping at it!

Progression of a Smile

Abby is smiling! Here is the progression as I was having trouble getting a really good picture of her smiling....

I see you mommy!

So happy!

Little smirk

Just being cute

It's just so much work being adorable!


Open for Comments

For security reasons, we needed to keep the comments option closed during our time overseas. However, since we are now back in the States, we have re-opened this option on our blog. We would love to hear any comments you may have in response to our posts, so please feel free to write away.

[Note: In monitoring our comments, we will remove any comments that we feel are inappropriate, especially if they pose any sort of security risk to our teammates and prior work overseas. Thank you.]


Abby Update

We wanted y'all to have an idea of what Abby's treatment looks like, so here goes!

At least once a week, we go to TSRH to have Abigail's casts taken off, her legs and feet evaluated and then more casts back on. This is how they take her casts off:

Waiting at the hospital for the doctor

First, they use a mini-electric saw to create a "fault" in the plaster

Next they use something like pliers to open the casts
Most recent picture of her feet
Passed out after having her next casts put on- it takes a lot out of her!

Latest set of casts

We are so amazed by God's work to heal our precious baby girl. Thank you Lord for your goodness to our family!

Let's Go Stars!

For our Anniversary I got Keith tickets for us to see a Dallas Stars game. It was my first Stars game, although not my first NHL game. This was my second. :o) I have to say, I enjoyed myself immensely and foresee many more Stars games in our future. Go Stars!