This is a tradition that has been four years in the making, so we are excited to see it finally come to fruition!

Before we were married, Keith and I read a book called "Treasuring God in Your Traditions" and it really made us stop and think about how we wanted to celebrate or if we wanted to celebrate certain holidays. The premise of the book is that every family will have traditions, and our goal as parents is to find, create, and/or maintain God-centered and God-honoring traditions. On the flip side, the goal is to ditch the ones that are not so.Christmas was one of the holidays that we knew we wanted to celebrate but we weren't entirely sure how. So, through much prayer and discussion, this is how we decided to celebrate Advent!

Since this time of year is a focus on the anticipation of the coming Christ, we decided that every day during Advent we would read a scripture that speaks of anticipating the coming Messiah. Along with this, we have decided that our Christmas tree would be a picture representation of the same thing. Instead of traditional decorations, we decided to use Isaiah 1:18 as our theme. Every year we decorate our tree with red ribbon and make snowflakes (complete with cookie decorating and hot chocolate!) to decorate our tree to represent that "Though your sins are as scarlet they will be white as snow." We put 25 snowflakes to coincide with the 25 days of advent.

Every day, starting December 1 and ending December 25, we read a scripture and sing a hymn or Christmas song. After this, we take off one of the snowflakes and put on an ornament that is a pictorial representation of the scripture we just read. We hope that by doing this our children will recall the scriptures and promises of the coming Messiah every time they look at the tree! This is the first year we have been able to get ornaments and set up a tree so we are excited to see how this works.

Here are some pictures of us setting up and decorating our tree in preparation of Advent:

During this time as we remember the amazing love that God demonstrated to us in giving us Himself, may He be our focus in all that we do. Amen.

There You Have It

Well ladies and gentlemen, apparently Abigail has been closely watching as we use our utensils to eat and has decided that she wanted to try. I thought, "Why not?" What follows is her incredible expertise using a spoon. I was amazed.

Mommy, I Drew A Bunny!

As I was in the kitchen the other day, Benjamin comes running in and says, "Mommy I drew a bunny!) I go to see and find a beautiful drawing of a bunny I just had to share. Enjoy!

Up Close

We had an up close and personal look at a gorilla at the Sedgewick County Zoo here in Wichita! We had so much fun as a family and enjoyed a picnic as well as the amazing zoo. I am sure there will be more pics to come as we continue to go to the zoo! Though we do miss feeding the birds... Here are a few more recent pics of the kids at the Fort Worth Zoo feeding the birds:

Standing Up

With Abigail's new braces she has been able to stand up "by herself" for the first time! She loves it and we love seeing her build strength and confidence in this area of development. She is so determined and we can't wait to see her take those first steps.

Well, That's Embarrassing!

It has been over six months since I have posted. Yikes.

Well, quick update on life since it would take forever to get up to date:

  • We are now living in Wichita, KS where Keith has a job as Student Pastor at Olivet Baptist Church. We are hoping to move into a house at the end of December (we are currently renting an apartment.
  • Keith is finishing up this semester as we speak! I am so proud of how hard he has been and continues to work and still makes so much time for us.
  • Excited about this advent season! I will hopefully have daily updates on our celebration and anticipation of the coming and birth of Christ.
  • We found out yesterday that we will be welcoming a baby GIRL this April! Well, at least 80% sure (the guarantee our doctor gave us). Not 100% but we will just have to wait and see!
That's all for now. Adding pics soon!


Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

Or in our case, feed the birds a Popsicle stick covered in bird seed! The Fort Worth Zoo has a great exhibit where parakeets and cockatiels fly freely and you can feed them. They will stand on your Popsicle stick or you can just feed them where they are. Sometimes they will even get on your hand/arm/shoulder. Benjamin had a blast and Abby was smiling at the pretty birds. After Benjamin realized that the birds would stand on the Popsicle stick he would repeatedly ask "Mommy catch a bird!" Fun all the way around.

Sitting Up


Two months? Really? That's how long it's been since I posted?!?

Sorry blog readers.

I have noticed that because we don't have internet at our house it requires a lot more effort to plan out writing a blog instead of just sitting down and writing when I get the inclination. So. What have we been up to?

Driving around Texas from Robinson, to Dallas to Houston to College Station to La Grange to Austin... you get the idea. We had a great time looking (and yes taking pictures) in the Bluebonnets. We were so excited to meet our little nephew Jaxson. The zoos in all major cities have been a big hit. We have been in a wedding and Benjamin made his wedding debut as a ring bearer. He did surprisingly well for a two-year-old.

And now we are here in Dallas as our little princess recovers from her double hip and left knee surgery. Such a little trooper. She has all the nurses wrapped around her band-aid clad finger. We are hoping to be discharged this afternoon/evening, but we are waiting for Abby to take food in and "send food out". Any minute now we hope!

Well, that was life in a nutshell. Hopefully I will be more diligent about posting in the future.



Snow Day

Brother and Sister

Seriously Mom, This Bib is Cool!

Abigail has started eating rice cereal and she seems to like it quite a bit, unlike Benjamin who was not a fan. Pictures from the first attempt- she was MUCH more interested in the bib...


The weather has made it difficult to go outside this past week, so I decided we should make some cookies. Snicker-doodles sounded fun since Benjamin could roll the cookies in cinnamon-sugar.

Ready to roll

Trying a taste of the cinnamon-sugar

Finished cookies


"Washing" dishes


Dancing with Sesame Street

Really cute video of Benjamin dancing. Well, sort of, but it is really cute.