Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

Or in our case, feed the birds a Popsicle stick covered in bird seed! The Fort Worth Zoo has a great exhibit where parakeets and cockatiels fly freely and you can feed them. They will stand on your Popsicle stick or you can just feed them where they are. Sometimes they will even get on your hand/arm/shoulder. Benjamin had a blast and Abby was smiling at the pretty birds. After Benjamin realized that the birds would stand on the Popsicle stick he would repeatedly ask "Mommy catch a bird!" Fun all the way around.

Sitting Up


Two months? Really? That's how long it's been since I posted?!?

Sorry blog readers.

I have noticed that because we don't have internet at our house it requires a lot more effort to plan out writing a blog instead of just sitting down and writing when I get the inclination. So. What have we been up to?

Driving around Texas from Robinson, to Dallas to Houston to College Station to La Grange to Austin... you get the idea. We had a great time looking (and yes taking pictures) in the Bluebonnets. We were so excited to meet our little nephew Jaxson. The zoos in all major cities have been a big hit. We have been in a wedding and Benjamin made his wedding debut as a ring bearer. He did surprisingly well for a two-year-old.

And now we are here in Dallas as our little princess recovers from her double hip and left knee surgery. Such a little trooper. She has all the nurses wrapped around her band-aid clad finger. We are hoping to be discharged this afternoon/evening, but we are waiting for Abby to take food in and "send food out". Any minute now we hope!

Well, that was life in a nutshell. Hopefully I will be more diligent about posting in the future.